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Welcome to Avenue Professional Document Clearing

Avenue Professional Document Clearing in UAE

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Saudi Visa Service in UAE & Umrah Visa Services

Saudi Visa Service in UAE

Our Services

Avenue Professional Document Clearing to collect and review all the documents before the process commences, once an appointment is made at VFS in Dubai and Sharjah (Saudi Visa Tasheel Centre) it is time critical for the individual to attend at the correct designated time.

> Documents required to process Saudi Visa

  • Copy of Passport, Visa and Emirates ID – High Res Colour Copy JPEG.
  • Must have well over 6 months left on Passport (Original Passport needed at the point of VFS visit).
  • 2 blank pages minimum required.
  • No stamps in the passport for restricted countries.
  • Must have 6 months on EID/Visa/Labour Card.
  • Copy Trade Licence.
  • Proof of Medical Insurance.
  • 2 Passport Pictures, white background, clear.

> Letters needed:

  • NOC from Company for KSA in English and Arabic (Template Available on demand).
  • Formal Invitation from the Company in KSA (with Saudi Chamber of Commerce attestation) – needs to state the purpose of visit. 

> Process:

Once the Documents has been Verified, Avenue Professional Document Clearing will make an appointment for the individual to attend VFS (Saudi Visa Centre)

Avenue Professional to complete the detailed application online for the individual – following is required:

  • Purpose of Visit
  • Length of Visit
  • No. of Entries
  • Port or Airport of arrival
  • Marital Status of applicant
  • Religion of applicant
  • Residential address of the applicant in UAE

The online application produces an appointment confirmation letter. An individual will then attend with Avenue Professional PRO with all documents and the confirmation letter, fees payable, the receipt is issued.
Avenue Professional Document Clearing will collect passport back with Saudi Visa once confirmation is received within 3 days
Government fees are an estimate and subject to change, original receipts will be provided and any difference balance will be adjusted. Estimate Government fees and any third party disbursements will need to be paid 100% in advance. Original receipts and regular statements will be provided.

Avenue Professional Document Clearing can only start working on the assigned processes once you have provided all correct and update to date documents and correctly completed the relevant forms that have been requested in writing by us.

You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to provide us with authentic, valid documents that are in good condition – original documents are clearly readable, photos are clearly visible and in the relevant format, PDFs and scans must be high resolution and in color. The expiry date of passports must be well beyond the minimum 6-month expiry limit. The government will often reject unclear documents and will cause Avenue professional to have to resubmit and incur resubmission fees. We will not be held liable for any inconveniences and additional fees that may arise thereof. Fees may be subject to VAT from 1st January 2018.

umrah visa services

Umrah Visa Services

Avenue Professional also provides Document Services for applying for UMRAH visa from UAE.

umrah visa package